FinTech Hackathon

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Think you’ve got the tech skills to change the world for the better? We’re looking for twenty visionary teams to hack their way to a more equitable, sustainable future at this exciting upcoming event. 

The Financial Economics Institute at Claremont McKenna College is pleased to partner with S&P Global as our sponsor for the Claremont FinTech Hackathon event. S&P Global’s purpose is to accelerate progress in the world by providing intelligence that is essential for companies, governments and individuals to make decisions with conviction. Leveraging their rich environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) data and cloud-based data warehousing applications, we challenge you to put your skills to the test, develop new data models & insights and help advance the cause of ESG to create a more sustainable planet for the future.

Important Dates

Monday, March 23: Pre-Hackathon Workshop 10:00am PST


Why Should you care about ESG?

ESG encompasses climate change; diversity, equity and inclusion efforts; ethical behaviors and a host of other environmental, social and governance activities. Over the last year, as we saw the convergence of the global pandemic, social injustices and ongoing environmental crises, the focal point of ESG efforts has shifted to the S – social aspects.

At the heart of ESG is the notion that companies are more likely to succeed and deliver strong returns if they create value for all their stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers and the broader society, including the environment – and not just company owners. ESG analysis looks at how companies serve society, the places we live and work, and how this supports and accelerates progress in the world.


Monday, April 5: Hackathon Kick-off 9:30am PST

April 5 – April 16: Hackathon Challenge

Thursday, April 22: Winners Announced

The Challenge

ESG factors continuously shape a corporation’s competitive environment. S&P Global’s ESG vision is to provide innovative insights, essential intelligence and benchmarks that contribute to a more transparent and sustainable global economy. Social issues are now at the forefront of ESG discussions, and we hope you’ll be inspired to explore how well companies are supporting these endeavors. With this is mind, we challenge you to show us…

How are U.S. companies accelerating progress in the world through ESG efforts? Across which dimensions do U.S. companies vary in their responses to social/racial justice challenges? How can we categorize companies by these dimensions?