Financial Economics Sequence

The Financial Economics Sequence (FES) is part of the Robert Day School of Economics and Finance. The curriculum of the Sequence is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in the financial sector and/or graduate education in economics, finance, and related fields.

The FES requires a minimum of 5 courses:

2. Core Financial Courses (2 courses)

And one course selected from:

NOTE: * Undergraduate students may register for the FIN courses listed in any semester when the ECON course is not offered.

3. Electives (3 courses)

At least 3 courses, selected from:



Drucker School of Management, CGU

  • MGT 339  CG – Financial Derivatives
  • MGT 373  CG – Financial Strategy & Policy
  • MGT 402  CG – Asset Management Practicum
  • MGT 475  CG – Fixed Income

4. Research Project

Students must complete, present, and defend a major research project in the area of financial economics. The project may be the student’s senior thesis, which is also a general education requirement. Students who use the senior thesis for this requirement must register for the one-half credit research seminar course (ECON 180 CM  –  Seminar in Research Methods). Students must present and defend their research at the end of the semester in which they complete their research work.

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