Student Opportunities

Financial Economics Sequence

The Financial Economics Sequence (FES) is part of the Robert Day School of Economics and Finance. The curriculum of the Sequence is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in the financial sector and/or graduate education in economics, finance, and related fields.

Student Research Analyst Internships

FEI Research Analyst Interns prepare and analyze databases, program, manage the FEI website, and perform administrative work for the Institute. In addition, students work with faculty members on a variety of empirically-based research projects.

FEI Student Research Analyst internships are available during the academic year and in the summer. The application form for internships during the academic year are accepted at the start of each semester and summer internship applications are due in the middle of the spring semester.

CMC Student Investment Fund

The Claremont McKenna College Student Investment Fund (CMC SIF) was founded in 1974 when an alumnus of the college donated approximately $500 in securities. His intention was to give qualified students an opportunity to learn the basics of investment management using a “trial by fire” approach while creating value for the college’s endowment.

The fund has grown substantially since its inception and the CMC SIF now manages approximately $2,100,000 of the Claremont McKenna College endowment.

The CMC SIF aims to earn risk-adjusted excess returns above the benchmark index while providing students with the opportunity to learn about investing in a pre-professional setting. Their main goal is to prepare all students for successful careers in investment related fields, and senior management bears the responsibility of actively promoting the career development of junior members.


Annual New York City Networking Trek

Each year, FEI and the Robert Day Scholars Program sponsors a trip to New York during the final week of the winter break. Nine juniors and nine sophomores travel to New York to visit firms representative of different sectors of the financial industry, connect with industry professionals and CMC alumni. Application can be found on Handshake.

On-Campus Networking Opportunities

Financial Economic Institute students have numerous opportunities to meet financial industry professionals through at FEI Events, as Research Analysts, and through the BMGI Asset Management Fellowship.

BMGI Fellowship Program

The BMGI/Michael Larson Asset Management Fellowship Program is designed to support juniors and seniors at Claremont McKenna College who are interested in studies and careers involving asset management and investment management.  The program provides $15,000 fellowships annually in the form of merit awards to qualified students who display an interest in investment management. To be eligible, students must have completed at least 5 economics and/or mathematics classes and have a cumulative 10.00 GPA in those classes. Recipients of the fellowships may choose to work as Research Assistant in the FEI Lab at an enhanced rate working with an economics and/or mathematics department faculty member on an investment-related research project.  Applications will be circulated in March.

BMGI/Michael Larson Asset Management Fellows AY 2020-2021:

  • Simon Alexander ’21
  • Alexander Alsop ’21
  • Brooklyn Button ’22
  • Juan Diego Herrera ’21
  • William Li ’21
  • Karina Park ’22

FEI Tutoring Program

Capital IQ

Alexander Alsop ’21

Tuesdays 2:00pm-4:00pm


Alexander Alsop ’21

Mondays 2:00-4:00pm

Wednesdays 9:00-11:00am


Luke Ostrander ’21