Student Research Analysts

FEI Research Analyst Interns prepare and analyze databases, program, manage the FEI website, and perform administrative work for the Institute. In addition, students work with faculty members on a variety of empirically-based research projects.

Nicole Alonso ’23 

About Nicole

Major: Computer Science and Economics

Nicole worked with Professor Nishant Dass to design and build the FEI’s new website. On campus, Nicole is an analyst for the Student Investment Fund Energy & Utilities group, an Instructional Technology Assistant, and part of the Robert Day Scholars program. 

Alexander Alsop ’21

About Alexander

Major: RDS BA/MA, Bachelors in Economics, Masters in Finance

He is currently the PM of the Consumer group in SIF, an RDS scholar in the BA/MA program as well as a BMGI scholar. He also tutors for both CapIQ and Bloomberg. When he graduates he will be working for CitiGroup’s LA Investment Banking team, that specializes in the Metals and Mining M&A.

Sam Bogen ’23

About Sam

Major: Economics and Data Science

Sam is a sophomore at Claremont McKenna working with Professor Florian Madison on projects relating to home equity, entrepreneurial finance, and early-stage investment, particularly analyzing asymmetric information in financing and looking at the differences in motivation and risk between different methods of entrepreneurial finance. Outside of the FEI, Sam is on the executive board for CMC Model United Nations.

Nathaniel Braswell ’23

Coleman Cornell ’21

Audrey Guilloteau ’22

About Nathaniel

Major: Economics (Applied PPE)

He is currently working on assessing the prevalence of potential double jeopardy in securities class-action filings and pharmaceutical MDLs.

About Coleman

Major: Economics and Applied Math

He is currently working on a project with Professor Gillen on the convergence of Complete Subset Portfolios in large asset universities.  Outside of this research, he is also currently the president of CMC Outdoor Initiative and Club Volleyball.

About Audrey

Major: RDS BA/MA Bachelors in Economics, Masters in Finance

Audrey worked with Professor George Batta categorizing credit agreements, particularly financial covenant thresholds, negative covenant definitions, and deductibles for various restrictions in order to potentially predict corporate credit bubbles. On campus, she is part of the Robert Day Scholars Program, and involved in the Student Investment Fund as the Portfolio Manager of the Energy & Utilities Group.

Michael Hao ’23

Matthew Hines ’22

Nandini Jayaram ’22

About Michael

Major: Economics-Accounting with Finance Sequence

He competes for the CMS men’s tennis team and serves as a representative on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). Currently working  with Professor Andrew Finley on finding which type of organizations (big 4/medium/small accounting firms, NFP, academic, or institutional investors) have the most influence on the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board’s concept releases. He analyzed and organized over 500 concept release comments on topics such as mandatory audit firm rotation from the PCAOB’s online database. 

About Matthew

Major: RDS BA/MA, Bachelors in Economics, Masters in Finance + Physics

Matthew worked with Professor George Batta to analyze credit agreements, particularly with respect to financial covenant thresholds, financial terminology and categorization, and flexible credit terms.  This end goal of the project is to create a machine-learning algorithm that can predict corporate credit bubbles and individual company default probabilities. He has been involved with the FEI since fall semester of sophomore year and has previously worked with Professor Julio Garin on researching the impact climate change has on corporate consolidation in the skiing industry. On campus involvement includes working with the Claremont Consulting Group, tutoring physics at Keck, mentoring at the QCL, and performing theater with Under the Lights.

About Nandini

Major: Economics with a Data Science Sequence

On campus, she works as the Trainings Manager and a Research Assistant at the Rose Institute of State and Local Government. She is also an active member of Claremont Women in Business and the South Asian Student Association!

Alex Karasinski ’22

Adam Koszut ’23

William Li ’21

About Alex

Major: Economics and Finance 

Matthew worked with Professor George Batta to categorize credit agreements, particularly financial covenant thresholds, definitions, and deductibles for various restrictions in order to potentially predict corporate credit bubbles. He is involved on campus as part of the Men’s Soccer Team and Sagehen Capital. 

About Adam

Major: Economics and Mathematics

He is a sophomore who works at the FEI and the Office of Annual Giving.

About William

Major: Economics and Mathematics with a Computer Science Sequence

Will is the Portfolio Manager of the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Group for the Student Investment Fund, Managing Director of the Claremont Consulting Group, a BMGI/Michael Larson Asset Management Fellow, and a Robert Day Scholar.

Melanie Moore ’21

Jay Morris ’23

Sahana Narayan ’23

About Melanie

Major: Economics 

Melanie worked with Professor Joshua Rosett to compose research summaries and organize CPA Exam pass rate data that will be used in a future analysis of the 150 hour rule. She is also on the CMS volleyball team.

About Jay

Major: Dual majoring in Economics-Mathematics

Jay worked with Professor Matthew Delventhal in translating Spanish trade products from trade ledgers spanning over a century. The translation data would then be organized to allow for further analysis of changes in Spain’s import/export products over time. This semester he is working as a Career Services Mentor assisting in guiding and teaching students how to improve their resumes, cover letters, and any other questions they may have when it comes to the application process. 

Sahana Narayan '23

Major: Economics and Data Science


At FEI, she is currently working on transcribing and analyzing product-level data on Spain’s trade with foreign countries from 1849 until the present day to build a picture of how Spain’s trade evolved over the course of its history and better understand the relationship between foreign trade and economic development. Outside of FEI, she is part of the Claremont Consulting Group, CMC Advocates for Survivors, and a First Year Guide. 

Luke Ostrander ’21

Sidhant Rastogi ’23

Dawson Reckers ’21

About Luke

Major: Economics 

Luke is the Excel Tutor for the FEI. Outside of academics, Luke is a Varsity athlete for the Cross Country and Track and Field programs.

About Sidhant

Major: Mathematics-Computer Science

Sid is a student at Harvey Mudd working on a project with Prof. Ben Gillen to implement regression-based techniques for estimating mean-variance optimized portfolio weights and sampling error using sample moments in MATLAB.

About Dawson

Major: Economics with a Financial Economics Sequence

Dawson worked with Professor Matthew Delventhal on a project aiming to capture the effects of globalization on the country of Spain since 1849. As part of the year-long project, he helped develop a translation database of Spanish trade terms and phrases. Outside of working with Professor Matthew Delventhal at the FEI, he is a Senior Interviewer in the Office of Admission and a Case Coordinator for the Graphite Case Club.

Guillermo Santos ’22

Jeremy Seow ’21

Hallie Spear ’22

About Guillermo

Major: PPE and Economics 

He is part of the FEI and SCM (Pomona’s Student Investment Fund) and Claremont’s La Asociación. 

About Jeremy

Major: Computer Science and Economics with a sequence in Finance

Jeremy works with Professor Nishant Dass on building financial technology (FinTech) initiatives in the institute. He is building the framework for a FinTech practicum course that will allow students to work with a financial firm during the academic year. Jeremy also spearheads the generation of educational FinTech content for the institute’s website. In the Office of Admission he works as a senior interviewer, social media manager, and tour guide. On-campus he is the captain of the rugby team, founder of the cooking and baking club, research analyst at the FEI, and a volunteer with the Food Recovery Network.


About Hallie

Major: Economics and International Relations

Hallie worked with Professor Angela Vossmeyer in order to analyze the importance and effects of bank interconnectedness. In order to do this Hallie analyzed the effects of asset size, liability and other financial factors. At CMC, Hallie is a tour guide and office assistant for the Office of Admission, a volunteer for Refugee Advocacy Network, a tutor for Robert Day School of Economics and Finance, and a research analyst for the Financial Economics Institute and Policy Lab. 

Emily Spielmann ’22

Jatin Suri ’23

Adhitya Venkatraman ’22

About Emily

Major: Economics with a Financial Economics sequence

On campus she is a First Year Guide and she was the Dorm Vice President for Appleby last year.  She also played on the Claremont Colleges Club Field Hockey team.  At the FEI, she is currently doing research for Professor Vossmeyer’s paper titled “Systemic Risk and the Great Depression,” which entails studying corresponding relationships between banks and bank failures after the Great Depression to investigate systemic risk and other factors that contribute to risk.

About Jatin

Major: Economics and Mathematics

Jatin worked with Professor Matthew Delventhal on a project documenting the changing composition of Spanish trade from the mid-19th to 20th century. On campus, he is a research assistant at the Gould Institute and a consultant for SocialSpur.


About Adhitya

Major: PPE and Economics with a Data Science Sequence

Adhitya is from San Jose, California and is also involved with SOURCE Nonprofit Consulting, the Rose Institute of State and Local Government, and the Free Food for Thought Podcast. This semester, he will be working with Professor Florian Madison to understand the effects of dollarization on developing economies.

Devon Wolfe ’22 

Raizel Yu ’22

Will Zhou ’23

About Devon

Major: Economics with a Financial Economics sequence

On campus, she is the captain of the women’s tennis team which has been an unbelievable experience. She also further enjoys engaging with the community through being a first year guide and a director on the College Programming Board. 

Raizel Yu '22

Major: RDS BA/MA Bachelors in Economics, Masters in Finance

Raizel worked with Professor Nishant Dass in developing a FinTech curriculum and FinTech blog on behalf of the FEI. She also worked with Professor George Batta to categorize credit agreements, particularly financial covenant thresholds, in order to analyze contract strictness and predict potential corporate credit bubbles. Raizel is a Junior at CMC who is passionate about finance. She is a part of Sagehen Capital Management, Claremont Independent, and in addition to doing research for the FEI, she works at the Soll Center for Student Opportunity as a Career Student Mentor. 


About Will

Major: Economics & Accounting

He is currently working for Professor Helland at the FEI to document the prevalence of class-action lawsuits involving pharmaceutical companies using the Stanford Securities Litigation database. He is also an analyst for the CMC Student Investment Fund and a staff writer for the Claremont Independent.